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My Play Their Way Promise… 

We're encouraging coaches to promise to support children and young people in raising their voices on the issues that matter to them in their sports sessions.

The Play Their Way community is growing by the day, and coaches across the country are continuously striving to ensure that the rights and experiences of children and young people they work with are prioritised.

We can always do more… Let’s ensure that every child is heard, can play and take ownership of their journey in sport. 

Their sporting experience, their way!

 UNICEF UK's Youth Advisory Board have kindly shared their thoughts on how they would like to be involved in sport. Watch this insightful video.

Why make a promise? 

We know that many of you are already putting children's rights at the heart of your sessions, and by sharing your ongoing commitment, you can inspire others to do the same. 

We can support more young people in raising their voices by standing together.

How do you promise? 

It's simple...

  1. Choose one of the promises below or make up your own
  2. Post on your chosen social media channel 
  3. Include the #PlayTheirWayPromise
  4. Tag us on Facebook:@playtheirwayuk    X:@playtheirway   Instagram:@playtheirwayuk    LinkedIn:@playtheirway   TikTok:@playtheirway

Lucy from Valley's Gymnastics explains why young people's voices should be heard.

If Elena could tell her coach one thing, it'd be "to make sessions more interactive and try different things" 

By using the #PlayTheirWayPromise, your commitment will appear on our coaching community Promise Wall below.

I promise to Play Their Way #PlayTheirWayPromise 

We’ve also created some social profile graphics which you can use to either replace your profile picture and background, or you can add a frame around your chosen profile picture.

To add a frame around your chosen profile picture on X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn just follow the guidance below.

  • Twitter and Facebook: To add the twibbon at the click of a button directly onto your profiles, visit our #PlayTheirWayPromise microsite.
  • Instagram: once you've added the #PlayTheirWayPromise twibbon to your Facebook profile image, just import it by editing your profile photo in the Instagram app and selecting the "Import from Facebook" option.
  • LinkedIn: you'll find our photo frame template and the quick and easy steps you need to take to update your profile in the #PlayTheirWayPromise social graphics download below.


  • I promise to make sure that I hear from each child in every session #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to ask the children for their feedback on how I coach and act on it in a meaningful way #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to ask children what they would like to do in their session #PlayTheirWayPromise


  • I promise to have a dedicated time within each session for young people to choose their next activity #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to create space for children to co-create activities that can be played #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to support children to direct their own activity #PlayTheirWayPromise


  • I promise to find out something new about the young people taking part in a session #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to develop individual development plans alongside each participant #PlayTheirWayPromise
  • I promise to encourage children’s effort rather than their outcomes #PlayTheirWayPromise  

Thank you for joining the movement! Together we can make a difference to the experiences of children and young people in sport and physical activity! 

#PlayTheirWayPromise Wall

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Ready to become a part of something bigger? Register below to help us kick-start the Play Their Way movement and be welcomed into an inclusive community of coaches committed to putting the rights and motivations of children and young people first, when it comes to coaching them in sport and physical activity. 

Happy teenage basketball team celebrating a victory on the court


Help spread the word by sharing this website with fellow coaches!


Help spread the word by sharing this website with fellow coaches!