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Child-first coaching

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When children shape their sporting experience, anything is possible.

Join a community of coaches who are supporting young people to play their way!
A coach squats down to talk to a group of young footballers inside a football stadium


Children and young people have the right to express their views which are acted on together in a meaningful way.

Boy sat on a bench in a sports hall putting his hand up to ask a question


Children and young people have the right to play and shape what play looks like.

Girls celebrate playing football


Children and young people have the right to develop holistically, in their own way.

Debbie Sayers

Empowerment is key

We believe that when children make choices, they are far more likely to be retained within the game, but also, they are far more likely to be happier as individuals. Watch Debbie's coaching story here.

Debbie Sayers Salisbury Rovers FC


The child comes first

Fitness isn’t something that every kid is going to enjoy. Introducing a play cycle in every sport is very important because many kids learn through play. Watch Kenny's coaching story here.

Kenny Undenwoke Fight For Peace Academy


Inspired sporting experiences

Coaches are catalysts for learning and development and the more motivated and supported they feel to be able to hand ownership to the children, the faster the benefits will be seen. Watch the coaching story here.

Ian Gregory Chance to Shine


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Hear from coaches about their experiences of delivering child-first coaching.

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Our network of coaches have shared their tools, tips and games for making sessions more fun.


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Young person swimming underwater, waving at the camera


Help spread the word by sharing this website with fellow coaches!


Help spread the word by sharing this website with fellow coaches!